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Introducing Eliasan Consulting’s market entry consultants
November 9, 2020 at 7:00 AM
by Eliasan Consulting
Eliasan Consulting takes a global approach to market entry consulting for agriculture, food, and beverage premier businesses.

Eliasan Consulting helps businesses enter the global marketplace. We’re fueled by years of experience, and dedicated to our client’s success in new market segments. By developing customized strategies, we enable premium companies in agriculture, food, and beverage to thrive in global export markets. Even well-established businesses find international growth nerve-wracking, which is why Eliasan Consulting is available for market entry consulting. We develop confident action plans to overcome new-market obstacles, prepare for unexpected pitfalls, and plan future expansion.

We’ve helped clients generate millions in new revenue from exports by using in-depth, data-driven analyses to determine market viability. Our precise market development tactics, developed with ongoing client input, help businesses succeed internationally and tackle future growth opportunities.

Expanding your business into international markets exports is thrilling, but not without unexpected challenges. Market entry consulting helps you look ahead to potential setbacks. We find the most significant global potential for your product and develop solutions for achieving your growth goals.

Discover our unique market entry consulting approach.

We’ve stood out from the competition for the past decade because of the value we place on authenticity and engagement. Eliasan Consulting builds partnerships with businesses on trust and transparency. Our team has over two decades of combined experience in global consulting and management that we’re excited to share. When we say we’re uniquely qualified to assess growth potential across international markets, here’s what you can expect:

  • Data-driven market strategies.
  • An educational and promotional focus.
  • Ongoing international trend assessment.
  • Modern tools and a progressive approach.
  • Consultants well-versed in global management.

There’s no universal plan for adding an export market segment to a business. That’s why we offer a full portfolio of services—starting from selecting the markets with the most export potential, through B2B matchmaker services for trade partners, to technical seminars for international industry stakeholders. Our suite of products lets us customize tactics for discrete businesses in diverse markets.

We’re an ambitious team at Eliasan Consulting. We bring a cutting edge approach to market entry and development built on experience in over 15 international markets across four continents. When we say we think globally, we mean it.

Is Eliasan Consulting right for you?

There are many hurdles between entering the global market and having a thriving export segment in your business. Working with market entry consultants, you’ll become educated about significant obstacles, like trade barriers, local competition, and market viability. And you’ll have a headstart avoiding them.

We let our clients focus on what they do best, running their business, while we analyze and evaluate the right market for their product. Instead of wasting time and capital in adverse markets, we develop strategies with targeted tactics for success from day one.

If you find expansion into international markets overwhelming, or you’re unsure what global exports will look like for your business, meeting with one of our consultants can help you clarify your vision of the future.

Schedule your appointment today.

We take time to get to know our clients, and before we begin market entry consulting, we work to hone their vision for the future. Our market development strategies use specialized tactics to help match current goals with plans for the future. We understand how critical exports are to market expansion for agricultural businesses. The diverse experience of our team and our commitment to client success help us forge lasting business relationships.

Eliasan Consulting is a long-standing resource available for B2B matchmaking, USDA grant writing, and trade management. Our catalog of services helps businesses achieve growth beyond the limits they set for themselves. Schedule an appointment with one of our consultants today if you’re ready to see yourself as a confident member of the global market.